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A little bit of story. Europa Cup, founded in the '80s, is a very important chapter of the ILCA European Region story.

the first logo of Europa Cup series

It was the idea of Paul De Jonge Van Ellemeet, the European Chairman at the time.
the beginning, there were few Districts were involved: POR, FRA, ITA, GBR, NED, GER, SWE.
After 1996, when the Laser became olympic, Radial and Laser 4.7 joined Europa Cup Rank and it was named the Youth Grand Prix.

In 2012 there was a big evolution: The ranking became a Ranking List, like the ISAF Ranking List running at this time, with the same principles including all classes, fleets and categories: The Europa Cup became the Europa Cup Trophy.


The Europa Cup Trophy will be awarded considering only the best 3 regatta’s scores the sailor got in the current year in the 10 events of Europa Cup Regatta.  The Notice of Race and the Standard sailing instructions are downloadable here below.

Europa Cup Series entries management

The on line entry system will open automatically the possibility to enter each regatta 90 days in advance of the 1st day of each event. Entry fees are usually collected at the race office on site if not differently specified on the key information page published on 

How to organise a regatta ranked in the Europa Cup Trophy ranking list, please click here.


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EC 2017

Notice of race 2017

Sailing Instructions 2017


Notice of race EC 2016

Sailing instructions EC 2016

     Europa Cup 2015 Notice of Race

Europa Cup Sailing Instructions 2015     

The Ranking List

Ranking List 2013 - old

Ranking list rules 2015

2012-2013 Scoring system simulator
(you need Microsoft Excel)


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             Ranking List Results

2016 Europa Cup Trophy winners 
Laser 4.7 Girls
Laser 4.7 Boys
Radial Girls
Radial Boys
2015 winners: Sailors and Sailing Clubs
Laser 4.7 Girls
Laser 4.7 Boys
Radial Girls
Radial Boys

2014 winners: Sailors and Sailing Clubs

2013 winners: Sailors and Sailing Clubs

2012 the full file with 2000 sailors (XLS)

2012 the top 3 sailors per category (PDF)