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2020 Euro Master GER – Final results in Greifswald

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The final day of racing at Laser Euro Master Germany was another light wind affair.

Only one race was completed in around 5kn from the south before it died off and came back from north. But in the end there was no time left to establish a fair race course before the time limit at 1400h.

The leaders from yesterday, Thorsten Wyk in Laser Radial and Philipp Gläser in Laser Standard, both scored another bullet to consolidate their victory, so there was little changes in the overall ranking in both classes. There were 44 Laser Standards and 19 Radials from all over Germany, with guests representing Canada, Brasil, Sweden, Portugal and Turkey.

Laser Radial
1. Thorsten Wyk, GER (Grand Master)
2. Peter Kraus, GER (Great Grand Master)
3. Marco Casalini, GER (Master)
4. Jürgen Lemke, GER (Legend)
5. Alexandra Behrend, GER, (Woman Master)

Laser Standard
1. Philipp Gläser, GER (Apprentice)
2. Ian Elliott, CAN (Apprentice)
3. Roger Schulz, GER (Master)
4. Carsten Kemmling, GER (Grand Master)
6. Wolfgang Gerz, GER (Great Grand Master)

2020 Euro Master GER – Full results here.

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The last 2020 Euro Master Circuit’s event will be in Roses, Spain, from October 2-4. Entries closing soon – Information here: 2020 Europa Cup ESP – Roses.

Source: Boddenracer | Cover photo: Segelfotografie.

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