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New Radial Youth European Champions crowned in Poland

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New Laser Radial Youth European Champions were crowned today in Gdynia, Poland. Two new races were added to score, finally rounding 10 and allowing a second discard.

Laser Radial Youth European Championship 2017 – Girl’s Final results

Local sailor Wiktoria Golebiowska POL (3-2-1-4-2-30-15-26-3-6) recovered her best shape showed on first races, and with a remarkable 3-6 score today could finally achieve 2017 Radial Youth European Champion title.

Second to fifth positions were finally tight in points, with Italian sailor Elisa Navoni ITA (10-3-2-3-7-19-4-3-15-66RET) and Mariia Kislukhina RUS (5-4-9-14-4-34-2-4-17-10) occupying second and third places on podium, with 47 and 52 units. Lin Pletikos SLO (4-7-11-5-66DSQ-4-1-7-25-17) and Valeria Lomatchenko RUS (26-6-66BFD-1-1-18-3-66DNC-2-1) occupied fourth and fifth places overall with 56 and 58 respectively.

Elizaveta Borovkova RUS was finally U17 champion with 124 points and ranked 12th overall. Second U17 place for Theresa Wierschin GER with 139 and just two spots behind Russian sailor.

Jacqueline Truhol HKG from Hong Kong was best non-Euroepan sailor with 153 units and finally 18th overall.

You can check Girl’s full final results here.

Laser Radial Youth European Championship 2017 – Boy’s Final results

Italian sailor Guido Gallinaro ITA (3-4-1-1-1-14-2-1-12-31) is new Laser Radial Youth European Champion, although loosing first spot today in hands of Nicholas Bezy HKG from Hong Kong (first sailor overall and also winner of 2017 European Trophy with 33 units). Gallinaro counted finally 35 points.

European Vice-Champion title and third place overall for Greek sailor Dimitris Papadimitriou GRE (1-1-21-1-3-36-15-2-11-8) with 42, draw in points with British sailor Ben Whaley GBR (19-1-4-5-4-2-17-41-7-2), finally third on European podium and fourth overall. Fifth place (4th European) for Russian sailor Daniil Krutskikh RUS (2-6-2-4-2-5-7-22-13-17) with 52 units.

Nico Naujock GER was crowned U17 champion with 67 points and ranked 7th overall, followed by Alvaro Valido Franco ESP with 90 (11th overall).

You can check Boy’s full final results here.

Congrats to all of sailors and see you on next event!

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo: Robert Hajduk – Shuttersail – Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days.

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