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Sailing against pollution - EurILCA Sustainability Programme

As sailors we have been captivated by nature since our early childhood. We loved it so much that we decided to build most of our lives around it.

Day after day, while being driven by wind and waves, we felt more and more connected.

Our wonderful seas deserve all our admiration and respect. And just as we have enjoyed them all this years, we surely want future generations to do so as well. Due to plastics and other types of pollution caused by humans, not only our playground but also the whole life as we know it is at risk.

This is why we decided to create EurILCA’s Sustainability Programme. With the aim of raising awareness among all sailors about this dramatic situation, we seek to promote changes in our daily habits and product choices that will help to stop causing more damage and heal our oceans. Let’s start to change for us, our seas and our future sailors.

How to organize an eco-event

Dear event organisers, please read the document attached below with tips showing you how to run an eco-event.
how to organise eco event

Plastic Oceans - Learn more about plastic pollution

Facts or myths? Click here to participate of our quiz and learn more about plastic pollution and the way you can be actively involved to protect our Sailing environments.

plastic oceans quiz

Stand up for your future - Message from sailor Asya Ikizler TUR

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