laser master day 4 results

2017 Laser Master World championships – Day 4 results

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Second racing day in a row for sailors competing at the 2017 Laser Master World championships in Split, Croatia.

Two new races were added to scores, being five now in total. Most of leaders have consolidated their advantages.

2017 Laser Master World championships – Day 4 results

2017 Laser Master World championships – Laser Standard

Maciej Grabowski POL (1-1-1-1-1) continue to lead Standard Apprentice’s fleet with perfect score, followed by Maxim Semerkhanov RUS (2-3-2-3-2) and Adonis Bougiouris GRE (3-2-3-2-3) with 9 and 10 points respectively.

No changes also in Standard Master’s provisional podium, with Brett Beyer AUS (2-3-4-1-1) leading with 7 points, followed by Peter Hurley USA (1-2-7-5-3) and Ernesto Rodriguez USA (4-1-5-3-6) with 11 and 13.

Allan Clark CAN (3-1-4-1) continue to lead Standard Grand Master’s fleet with 5 units, followed now by Andy Roy CAN (5-4-1-5) in second and Tomas Nordqvist SWE (1-8-8-3) in third.

Tight scores on top of Standard Great Grand Master’s competition, with Mark Bethwaite AUS (3-1-1-2), Michael Nissen GER (2-2-3-1) and John Pitman NZL (1-3-2-8) separated by one point, with 4, 5 and 6 units respectively.

2017 Laser Master World championships – Laser Radial

Jon Emmett GBR (1-1-3-1-1) comfortably leads the Radial Apprentices with 4 points, followed by first ranked women Anastasia Chernova RUS (3-3-1-3-6) and David Waiting USA (2-5-4-4-5) with 10 and 15 points respectively.

Radial Master’s fleet continue to be headed by Alessio Marinelli ITA (4-2-1-1-3) with 7 units, escorted now by Scott Leith NZL (1-4-7-3-1) in second and Jean-Christophe Leydet FRA (7-1-2-27-6) in third, with 9 and 16 points respectively. Giovanna Lenci ITA (22-14-13-4-13) has surpassed Michelle Bain FRA (19-5-11-23-12) in top of RM women’s competition, and ranked 11th overall.

Martin White AUS (12-5-2-1-7) is new Radial Grand Master leader with 15 points, followed by Pierantonio Masotto ITA (8-17-6-2-4) and Rob Cage GBR (16-4-8-13-1) with 20 and 26. Previous leader Rudolph Ratsep USA (7-1-9-21-12) is now 5th with 29. 4th place for Terry Scutcher GBR (10-9-10-5-2), draw in 26 points with Cage. Lyndall Patterson AUS (25-2-14-12-16) continue to lead GM women’s fleet with 44 units in 10th place overall.

Finally, the Radial Great Grand Master’s fleet is led by Robert Lowndes AUS (1-11-1-3-3) with 8 points, closely followed by Bill Symes USA (4-1-16-4-1) with 10. Third place overall for Kerry Waraker AUS (3-5-11-15-2) with 21. Hillary Thomas GBR (53-51-49-42-56) is heading Radial GGM women championship in place 52.

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By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo: 2017 Laser Worlds.

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