Day 2 results 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup POL

Day 2 results – 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup POL

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An afternoon summer breeze provided phenomenal conditions for the second day of races at the 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup POL in Gdańsk.

Initially, the Race Committee delayed the start until 1 PM, but it was only after two hours of waiting on shore that the weather in the sailing area improved, allowing all fleets to head out from the harbour to race.

Sailors enjoyed the 12-15 knot wind from the east and choppy waves, which are favorites here in Gdańsk, Górki Zachodnie.

With three new races added to the scores, here are the provisional leaders in all five fleets.

Provisional results after Day 2 – ILCA 4

Overnight leader Rokas Rimsa LTU (1-1-1-7-1) secured his position at the top by scoring two more wins, leading the ILCA 4 Men’s championship with 4 points.

In second place overall and also showing a great performance is the ILCA 4 Women’s leader Patrycja Jałoszyńska POL (3-2-2-1-2) with 7.

The third place overall is now in hands of the Under 16 leader Filip Bil POL (9-10-7-2-6) with 24 units.

Top 3 ILCA 4 Women

  1. Patrycja Jałoszyńska POL 7 pt
  2. Julianna Ponto POL 30 pt
  3. Maria Nycz POL 44 pt

Top 3 ILCA 4 Men

  1. Rokas Rimsa LTU 4 pt
  2. Filip Bil POL 24 pt
  3. Maksymilian Flaczyński POL 31 pt

Provisional results after Day 2 – ILCA 6

Wiktoria Gołębiowska POL (1-6-5-1-1-1) jumped from third to first place overall after winning all three races of the day. She now leads the ILCA 6 Women’s championship with 9 points.

The second place overall is held by ILCA 6 Men’s leader Jacek Kalinowski POL (2-UFD-6-1-1-1), who also delivered an impressive performance by winning all three races.

Top 3 ILCA 6 Women

  1. Wiktoria Gołębiowska POL 9 pt
  2. Hanna Rogowska POL 18 pt
  3. Zofia Pospieszna POL 20 pt

Top 3 ILCA 6 Men

  1. Jacek Kalinowski POL 11 pt
  2. Jan Rohde POL 13 pt
  3. Gustaw Zalewski POL 17 pt

Provisional results after Day 2 – ILCA 7

The ILCA 7 championship has changed hands, with Stanislaw Klimaszewski POL (3-2-13-2-2-3) now leading the fleet with 12 points, closely followed by Hubert Roszyk POL (8-1-10-3-3-2) with 17.

Overnight leader Igor Mirowski POL (2-3-8-9-6-6) is ranked now third overall with 25 units.

Top 3 ILCA 7

  1. Stanislaw Klimaszewski POL 12 pt
  2. Hubert Roszyk POL 17 pt
  3. Igor Mirowski POL 25 pt

Let’s wait now for the final races to determine the champions!

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Report by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos by Energa Nord CUP.

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