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Eight European nations qualified for the Laser Men’s in Tokyo 2020

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The first 14 Laser Men’s places for Tokyo 2020 were awarded yesterday at the 2018 Laser World championships in Aarhus, Denmark.

In addition to Cyprus and Germany’s Olympic spots achieved by Gold medalist Pavlos Kontides and Bronze medalist Philipp Buhl, six other great European sailors had also qualified their countries to the next Olympic Games.

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Those are Elliot Hanson GBR (5th), Hermann Tomaasgard NOR (6th), Jean Baptiste Bernaz FRA (9th), Kaarle Tapper FIN (12th), Karl-Martin Rammo EST (17th) and Tonci Stipanovic CRO (20th).

So the first Laser Men’s European sailing teams flying to Tokyo will be;

  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Norway

Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain and Norway had also secured a Laser Women’s spot so happiness is double!

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2018 Laser Men's Worlds results
2018 Laser Men’s Worlds results

65 nations were represented in the 165 boat fleet, the largest in Aarhus. So qualifying was not easy at all for our brave athletes.

We must highlight the nice welcomed trouble the British Sailing Team will face from now to select their representative, with 4 sailors finishing within the qualifying frame. Nick Thompson (8th), Michael Beckett (10th) and Lorenzo Chiavarini (18th), escorted earner Hanson.

6 non-European countries have also qualified for Tokyo. Those are;

  • Australia (Matt Wearn – 2nd)
  • Brazil (Joao Pedro Souto – 19th)
  • New Zealand (Sam Meech – 4th)
  • Peru (Stefano Peschiera – 21st)
  • South Korea (Jeemin Ha – 22nd)
  • United States (Charlie Buckingham – 11th)

The Australian Sailing Team will also face GBR’s desirable issue, with Tom Burton (7th), Finnian Alexander (13th), Luke Elliot (15th) and Mitchell Kennedy (16th) among the Olympic qualifying range.

New Zealand had also placed more than one sailor among this first Olympic spots, with Thomas Saunders finishing on 14th place overall.

Japanese sailors were represented in all fleets so as host nation, receive an entry into every Tokyo 2020 Olympic sailing event.

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo: Pedro Martínez – Sailing Energy – Aarhus 2018.

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