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Euro Masters start their way to the 2017 European Championship

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Are you ready for this?

The Euro Masters hottest weeks are just about to start!

Check out itinerary and prepare your stuff!

  • May 20 – 22: Euro Master Belgium (Entry closing date: May 12)
  • May 25 – 28: Euro Master Netherlands (Entry closing date: May 21)
  • June 9 -15: European Master Championship 2017 (Entry closing date: May 11)

First stop: Laser Euro Master Belgium

The Euro Master Belgium will be held at Oostende, organized by Royal North Sea Yacht Club. This Euro Master event is also the Open Belgian Championship for Laser Master.

Ostend, as it is called in English, is the Queen under the Belgian sea resorts. The club is located at the city center. Museums, shopping facilities and hotels are within walking distance. The famous Belgian city Brugge is within 20 km.

Launching for the Lasers is in front of the clubhouse at the beach, protected by big breakwaters. The racing area is directly after the breakwaters. Pre regatta training is possible on the 18th and 19th.

Campers can park near the clubhouse.

Already more than 44 foreign competitors (8 European nations and the USA) and 9 from Belgium have signed up. It is a competitive field as many have participated at the Olympics and/or won World Championships in different classes.

NOR, Sailing Instructions and all relevant documents.

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By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Source: Jan Willem Wolters – Laser Group Belgium | Cover photo: Archive / ©Thom Touw – EurILCA.

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