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Laser Class Seeks Feedback on Updating ILCA Constitution

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Dear Laser Class community, ILCA’s World Council (WC) have started to review and possibly amend the ILCA Constitution, based on process agreed on WC’s meeting in November 2019.

Since then a small working group of WC members has been preparing a suggested process for the review. The resulting process document has now been approved by the World Council and you can read it here;

🔗 ILCA’s Constitution Review Process Document

As well as setting out the process that will be used for the review, the document contains some initial ideas which have been suggested on areas where change might be considered.

The second step of this process is obtaining suggestions on possible changes from all interested groups involved in the class including WC members, Districts, individual sailors and commercial parties. The process is aimed at allowing consultation and input from all interested parties, and ultimately allow adoption of changes to the constitution supported by all the necessary parties, including the required two thirds vote of ILCA’s membership.

In order for this process to proceed in an orderly and rational manner, ILCA is requesting that all member feedback is channeled through your appropriate WC regional representative. Replies on the website form will be channeled through to your appropriate regional representative.

Comments can be submitted either via the website form (link included below), directly to your regional representative, or through your local district chairman who can forward to the regional representative, whichever you prefer. The regional representatives will then coordinate and collate all their regional feedback before forwarding it to the working group, who will combine it into a set of possible changes for formal WC consideration.

You have time to send your submissions to your regional representatives until June 1st 2020.

🔗 Feedback form – Laser Class Constitution Update

If you have any questions please ask your regional representatives or contact EurILCA through our social networks.

🔗 ILCA’s Full Letter – Tracy Usher, President

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