2019 Laser 47 Youth Europeans Day 3

2019 Laser 4.7 Youth European Championships – Day 3

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Third day of competition at the 2019 Laser 4.7 Youth European Championships & Open European Trophy in Hyeres, France.

A light and shifty wind during the whole day allowed only one new race per fleet, being five finally in total to qualify sailors in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Emerald groups from now on.

2019 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans – Day 3 results – Girls

Girls has now a new leader and that’s Beatrice Ini ITA (3-9-5-3-1) with 12 points, winning the single race today and relagating Alessia Palanti ITA (14-1-1-1-21) to the second place with 17. Third spot for Spanish Barbara Rodriguez ESP (35-2-2-2-13) with 19.

Girl’s U16 championship is now headed by Russian Alexandra Lukoyanova RUS (8th overall) with 25 points, escorted by Polish sailors Dominica Raszka POL (10th) and Laura Szulc POL (11th), with 28 and 29 units respectively.

🎥 Alessia Palanti ITA – Interviewed after Day 2.

🎥 Alexandra Lukoyanova RUS – Interviewed after Day 1.

👉 Full results Girls

2019 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans – Day 3 results – Boys

Dutch sailor Paul Hameeteman NED (2-1-1-1-5) continues to lead the Boy’s championship with 5 points, closely followed now by Polish Przemyslaw Machowski POL (3-3-1-1-20) with 8. Greek sailor Georgios Papadakos GRE (1-2-5-1-6) is third overall, draw in 9 points with Roko Stipanovic CRO (2-1-2-4-UFD) and Alexandros Papadimitriou GRE (3-2-2-2-9).

British Harvey Leigh GBR (9-2-13-3-35) recovered Boy’s U16 first spot leading with 27 points and ranked 16th overall, followed by one of the winners today, the Spanish sailor Mariano Cebrian ESP (5-18-5-18-1) with 29 and ranked 20th overall. Third U16 place is now for Israelian sailor Yogev Alcalay ISR (17-12-1-15-7) with 35 units and 26th overall.


🎥 Georgios Papadakos GRE – Interview after Day r.

🎥 Roko Stipanovic CRO – Interview after Day 2.

👉 Full results Boys

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By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos: Thom Touw Photography.

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