2019 Laser Senior Europeans Day 3

2019 Laser Senior European Championships – Day 3

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Third day of races at the 2019 Laser Senior European Championships & Open European Trophy in Porto, Portugal.

Light wind was not an obstacle to complete two new races and meet all six scheduled for this qualifying series. From now on sailors will be racing in Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets until Saturday, when we’ll know who are our new 2019 European champions.

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2019 Laser Senior Europeans – Day 3 results – Laser Standard

British sailors assaulted provisional European podium today, with Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR (13-1-3-4-3-4) leading with 15 points, escorted by Elliot Hanson GBR (5-1-5-21-4-5) and Michael Beckett GBR (11-23-7-1-2-4) with 20 and 25 units respectively.

Solid qualifying series for reigning Olympic Gold medalist Tom Burton AUS (9-5-1-3-2-1) leading the European Trophy with 12 points.

👉 Laser Standard European results.

👉 Laser Standard Trophy results.

2019 Laser Senior Europeans – Day 3 results – Laser Radial Women

Danish sailor Anne Marie Rindom DEN (2-3-1-1-3-2) is still on top of Women’s fleet, comfortably leading the European and Trophy championships with 9 points.

Finish Tuula Tenkanen FIN (16-18-1-1-2-1) and reigning Olympic Gold medalist Marit Bouwmeester NED (3-11-14-8-3-1) complete the provisional podium with 21 and 26 points respectively.

The reigning World champion Emma Plasschaert BEL (8-12-2-2-26-2) is fourth with also 26 units.

👉 Radial Women European results

👉 Radial Women Trophy results

2019 Laser Senior Europeans – Day 3 results – Laser Radial Men

The Radial Men’s Europeans are clearly dominated now by Polish sailors Aleksander Arian POL (1-5-3-4-8-8) and Marcin Rudawski POL (12-12-1-6-4-1) with 21 and 24 points respectively.

Third place overall and first U21 for the Italian Andrea Crisi ITA (8-27-4-2-SCP 15.30-3) with 32.3 points. Irish Jamie McMahon IRL (17-3-12-5-9-17) and Italian Francesco Miseri ITA (2-8-13-SCP42-19-7) are 2nd and 3rd Under 21 and ranked fourth and seventh overall respectively.

👉 Radial Men European results

👉 Radial Men U21 European results

👉 Radial Men Trophy results

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By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos: Neuza Aires Pereira.

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