2019 Laser Radial World day 3

2019 Laser Radial World Championships – Day 3 results

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Three new races were added to scores today at the 2019 Laser Radial Women’s and Men’s World Championships in Sakaiminato, Japan. This way the Qualifying series concludes with 5 races for Women’s and 6 for Men’s in total.

2019 Laser Radial Women’s World Championships – Day 3 results

With this three new races there were massive changes on top positions, excepting the first spot that’s firmly secured by consistent Josefin Olsson SWE (1-2-3-5-2) leading with 8 points. Josefin is escorted now on provisional podium by Paige Railey USA (5-5-2-2-22) and Marit Bouwmeester NED (5-15-4-5-8) with 14 and 22 units.

Close to them on 4th and 5th appear Marie Bolou FRA (3-1-17-24-3) and Tuula Tenkanen FIN (17-4-7-12-1) with 24 points. Charlotte Rose USA goes on 6th with 25. Line Flem Host NOR, Ecem Guzel TUR, Alison Young GBR and our reigning European champion Anne Marie Rindom DEN hold 7th to 10th positions with 26, 28, 33 and 34 points respectively.

In addition to the 2019 World title, this championship is also important for sailors of countries not qualified yet to the next Olympic Games, as this event will be delivering 10 new places for Tokyo 2020.

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Therefore this parallel competition would be provisionally qualifying now Croatia (Elena Vorobeva 18th), Argentina (Lucia Falasca 25th – 54 pt), Uruguay (Dolores Moreira 26th – 55 pt), Ireland (Aisling Keller 29th – 58 pt), Guatemala (Isabella Maegli 39th – 74 pt), Lithuania (Viktorija Andrulyte 42nd – 77 pt), Australia (Mara Stransky 44th – 80 pt), Belarus (Tatiana Drozdovskaya 47th – 82 pt), Russia (Ekaterina Zyuzina 48th – 83 pt) and Thailand (Kamolwan Chanyim 49th – 84 pt).

Since tomorrow there will be Gold and Silver fleets so contenders trying to qualify for the Olympics will be also Cyprus (Marilena Makri 85 pt), New Zealand (Olivia Christie 85 pt), Saint Lucia (Stephanie Devaux-Lovell 86 pt) and Spain (Cristina Pujol 86 pt), only 1-2 points behind Thailand’s sailor.

2019 Laser Radial Men’s World Championships – Day 3 results

The Radial Men’s World championship is still in hands of Australian Zac West AUS (7-2-5-1-3-2) with 13 points, followed by Belgian Simon De Gendt BEL (23-1-2-33UFD-1-1) and Guilherme Perez BRA (3-4-19-10-6-6) with 28 and 29 points respectively.

Swiss sailor Erwan Lamoureux SUI and Belgian Jan Heuninck BEL are ranked 5th and 7th with 39 and 40 points respectively.

Nishio Masaki JPN is first among the Japaneses fleet and ranked 6th overall with 40 units.

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Report: Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos: Junichi Hirai – Bulkhead.

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