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2019 Radial Youth Europeans – Day 5 report

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One more tricky and long day here in Athens, where the 2019 Laser Radial Youth European Championships & Open European Trophy completed the 5th day of competition.

Fleets headed courses around 13:30 and patiently waited for wind to fill the race areas during the whole afternoon, although unstable and really shifty. Crazy racing by moments, with drastic wind variations.

Girl’s Gold fleet scored three new races today, while Boy’s Gold fleet scored two.

After 8 races, girl’s championship is still in hands of Cyprus sailor Marilena Makri CYP (1-2-1-3-5-8-DSQ54-1) with 21 points, followed by Belgian Eline Verstraelen BEL (7-1-12-3-9-1-1-6) and Spanish Ana Moncada ESP (1-5-7-2-11-7-5-2) with 28 and 29 points respectively.

Girl’s Under 17 division is led now by Dutch sailor Marissa Ijben NED with 53 points and ranked 8th overall, followed by Alessia Palanti CZE and Alexandra Lukoyanova RUS with 79 and 94 points respectively.

After 6 races, French sailor Sofiane Karim FRA (1-3-3-2-6-30) leads now the Boy’s championship with 15 points, escorted by overnight leader Mewes Wieduwild GER (2-1-10-1-53-11) with 25. Only one point behind is U17 leader Przemyslaw Machowski POL (2-12-8-3-24-1) on third place overall.

Second U17 and 4th overall is Yoav Kfir ISR with 28. Third U17 position for Jordi Llado Duran ESP with 32 and ranked 8th overall.

Last races are coming tomorrow from 12:00 to crown our new 2019 Laser Radial Youth European champions.

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Report by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Cover photo: Thom Touw Photography.

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