Laser 4.7 Euros in Patras

Croatian girls and Greek boys start leading the Laser 4.7 Euros in Patras

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A wonderful weather with nice temperature, plenty of sun and a tricky wind marked the beginning of the 2018 Laser 4.7 Youth European Championships in Patras, Greece.

Croatian girls start leading the Laser 4.7 Youth Euros in Patras

After 2 races Croatian sailor Mare Milic CRO (1-1) is ranked first with perfect score, followed by Ursula Balas CRO (3-1) and Eline Verstraelen BEL (1-3) with 4 units.

Italian sailors Giorgia Cingolani ITA (8-2), Maria Giulia Cicchine ITA (5-5) and Giulia Schio ITA (6-5) are ranked 4th to 6th respectively.

British sailors Abby Childerley GBR (4-8) and Flo Nicholls GBR (10-3) lead the U16 championship on first and second, and ranked 7th and 8th overall.

106 girls are being part of this 2018 Laser 4.7 Youth European championships, divided in 2 fleets.

Local boys start heads the Laser 4.7 Youth Euros in Greece

After 2 races and a perfect score is Emmanouil Kollias GRE (1-1) who leads the boys fleet in Patras, closely followed by Dikaios Kerkoulas GRE (1-2) and Emilios Monos GRE (3-1).

Spanish sailor Carlos Sanchez ESP (6-2) interrupts Greek domination on 4th overall with 6 units, followed by Charalampos Smyrnis GRE (3-5) and Georgios Puzmpouris GRE (6-3) on 5th and 6th respectively.

U16 championship is led by Jordi Llado Duran ESP (3-9) on 9th place overall, followed by Yoav Kfir ISR (5-7) and Finley Dickinson GBR (7-9) on 10th and 16th respectively.

206 boats are being part of boys competition, divided in 4 fleets.

Event will continue tomorrow with 2 new races so stay tune!

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Full results here.

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos: Thom Touw Photography.

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