2024 ILCA 4 Youth Europeans day 3

Day 3 report – 2024 ILCA 4 Youth Europeans

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The third day of competition concluded today at the 2024 ILCA 4 Youth European Championships & Open European Trophy in Izola, Slovenia.

Once again, light breeze conditions prevailed throughout the day. Following a 1.5-hour postponement on shore, all fleets were then invited to launch their boats starting at 12:30.

Starts proceeded smoothly for the boys, despite the light wind conditions, strong current and some general recalls, with only the fourth fleet (green) experiencing a delay in their first start. Unfortunately, as the pressure diminished during the race, only the first two fleets (yellow and blue) managed to reach the finish line. Races for the red and green fleets had finally to be abandoned.

The situation was not better at the girls’ course, where the breeze was even lighter and less stable. Despite multiple attempts to start the first fleet (yellow), the Race Committee ultimately made the decision to send all three fleets back to the club without completing any races.

As a result, there were no alterations in scores. Fortunately, the forecast announces better conditions for tomorrow. The schedule is set to include three new races, with the first warning signal at 12:00. Coaches meeting at 10:00.

Girl’s full results here.

Boy’s full results here.

How to follow the 2024 ILCA 4 Youth Europeans

To ensure you catch every exciting moment on the water, we are streaming all the action through our EurILCA’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Additionally, for the last three days, we’ll provide GPS tracking for live race coverage.

Furthermore, we recommend joining the Info channel on Telegram for instant notifications, and subscribing to EurILCA’s newsletter to receive our daily reports, including links to results and photos, directly in your email inbox.

Stay tuned to the event’s website for updates and links to all content distributed across various platforms.

Event’s hashtag: #ILCA4YouthEuropeans2024

Keep smiling, keep sailing
The EurILCA Team

Report by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos by Thom Touw.

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