2024 ILCA 4 Youth Europeans day 5

Day 5 report – 2024 ILCA 4 Youth European Championships

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The fifth day of competition at the 2024 ILCA 4 Youth European Championships & Open European Trophy wrapped up today in Izola, Slovenia.

The day began promptly, greeted by a strong breeze that had been blowing since the early hours.

Sailing conditions for the initial races were optimal, with 15-16 knots of wind, offering a pleasant experience for participants. However, during the second round, the wind gradually waned. Despite this, all seven fleets managed to complete their races.

As preparations were being made for a third race for the Gold fleets, the wind ceased in both areas. Sailors were consequently directed back to shore, concluding the day with two completed races for everyone.

With only one day remaining until completion, the provisional leaders in each championship are as follows.

Girl’s provisional results

The reigning 2023 EurILCA Europa Cup champion Sara Lacko HUN is leading now girls’ overall championship with 13 points after scoring a great 1-3 today.

She is followed by the Under 16 leader Gabriela Morell ESP (3-4) with 24.

The third place overall is for Maria Christina Melaniti GRE (10-1) with 35.

The overnight leader Feline Van Ede NED (28-17) is ranked now fourth with 41.

Chiara Palua ITA (4-42) complete the provisional top 5 with 44 units.

Leanne Turrin SUI and Derin Bartan TUR complete the provisional U16 podium in the 16th and 17th place overall respectively.

Top 5 Overall

  1. Sara Lacko HUN ITA 13 pt
  2. Gabriela Morell ESP 24 pt
  3. Maria Christina Melaniti GRE 35 pt
  4. Feline Van Ede NED 41 pt
  5. Chiara Palua ITA 44 pt

Top 5 Under 16

  1. Gabriela Morell ESP 24 pt
  2. Leanne Turrin SUI 72 pt
  3. Derin Bartan TUR 75 pt
  4. Blanca Ferrando ESP 79 pt
  5. Gilda Nasti ITA 93 pt

Girl’s full results here.

Boy’s provisional results

Lorenzo Ghirotti ITA (5-6) is new boys’ overall leader with 25 points, followed by Georgios Kypraios GRE (56-1) and Archie Munro-Price GBR (55-11) with 34 and 38 points respectively.

The overnight leader Juan Bennassar ESP (7-54) is ranked fourth now with 39 units.

The Under 16 leader Nathan Wehrle FRA (3-26) completes the top 5 with 44.

Giovanni Bedoni ITA (12-5) and Toma Smircic CRO (20-15) complete the provisional U16 podium on places 11th and 19th respectively.

Top 5 Overall

  1. Lorenzo Ghirotti ITA 25 pt
  2. Georgios Kypraios GRE 34 pt
  3. Archie Munro-Price GBR 38 pt
  4. Juan Bennassar ESP 39 pt
  5. Nathan Wehrle FRA 44 pt

Top 5 Under 16

  1. Nathan Wehrle FRA 44 pt
  2. Giovanni Bedoni ITA 53 pt
  3. Toma Smircic CRO 65 pt
  4. Gal Einav ISR 65 pt
  5. Francesco Tesser ITA 69 pt

Boy’s full results here.

Three new races are planned for the last day tomorrow, with the first warning signal at 12:00. Coaches meeting at 10:00.

You’re invited to follow the Gold fleet’s races live through the GPS tracking: https://www.metasail.com/incoming/529/

How to follow the 2024 ILCA 4 Youth Europeans

To ensure you catch every exciting moment on the water, we are streaming all the action through our EurILCA’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Additionally, for the last three days, we’ll provide GPS tracking for live race coverage of the Gold fleets.

Furthermore, we recommend joining the Info channel on Telegram for instant notifications, and subscribing to EurILCA’s newsletter to receive our daily reports, including links to results and photos, directly in your email inbox.

Stay tuned to the event’s website for updates and links to all content distributed across various platforms.

Event’s hashtag: #ILCA4YouthEuropeans2024

Keep smiling, keep sailing
The EurILCA Team

Report by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos by Thom Touw.

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