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European Laser 4.7 Championships – Day 5 – Gold fleet races

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After a long time waiting for wind to come down, Gold fleet sailors were finally allowed to launch at 4 pm to have two new races under hard windy conditions. Rest of competitors couldn’t race today so it’s second consecutive day for them without sailing 😞

European Laser 4.7 Championships – Day 5 – Gold fleet – Girls

Federica Cattarozzi ITA (4-3-14-7-1-1-1-1) rocked again today in Los Alcázares, Spain, winning both races under windy conditions, so she’s now really close of being the new Laser 4.7 European champion, with a 15 points gap of follower Shai Kakon ISR (5-5-3-16-7-3-5-5), current leader of U16 category.

Provisional third place on podium is for Ilayda Veziroglu TUR (14-7-18-1-2-9-4-2), who’s draw in 39 pt with Maria Mateo Ferragut ESP (4-5-27-2-5-9-6-8).

Just one point behind, 5th overall and 2nd U16 is first days leader Giorgia Cingolani ITA (7-1-1-1-9-UFD52-11-10) with 40.

Also rocking in strong wind condition is Ana Moncada ESP (6-21-10-21-1-1-2-4) with 45 points, 6th overall now and rising, recovering from first light wind results.

It was a bad day for Catherine Havenga ESP (8-2-8-3-4-4-22-20), falling from 3rd to 7th position.

Third U16 place for Eline Verstraelen BEL, 8th overall with 53 pt.

Girls overall results after 8 races

European Laser 4.7 Championships – Day 5 – Gold fleet – Boys

Yigit Yalcin Citak TUR (3-12-2-5-3-1-6-DSQ61) continues to lead boys fleet with 32, but now with just 3 points advantage due to DSQ on last race. Emilios Monos GRE (10-26-5-1-7-1-7-4) is second with 35. Just two points behind is Yilkan Timursah TUR (23-13-13-2-1-1-4-3) with 37 units and third overall.

Also recovering from light wind results and rising positions is Marcelo Cairo ESP (11-11-9-10-2-2-2-1), now 4th overall and draw with third.

Cesare Barabino ITA (9-1-4-11-12-8-16-6) is leading boy’s U16 category with 51 units and 8th overall, followed by Joshua Richner SUI and Niccolo Nordera ITA, 23rd and 24th overall respectively.

Boys overall results after 8 races

Tomorrow will be the last day of races, prize giving and closing ceremony, so stay tuned!

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo: Thom Touw.

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