European Laser Master Championships – Day 2 results

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Second day of races for the European Laser Master Championships 2017 in Fouesnant, France.

After a long day afloat due to light winds, sailors returned ashore at 18:30. The wind felt after the 4th Standard race, but the Radial could not terminate. The committee was forced to shorten course and despite that, half of the Radial fleet was out of time (20 minutes).

European Laser Master Championships – Day 2 – Standard results

After 4 races it is Master sailor Carlos Martinez ESP (2-2-2-3) who’s leading Laser Standard fleet overall with 6 points, followed by Grand Masters Rik Wolters NED (1-15-1-7), Wouter Duetz NED (8-6-6-4) and Peter Vesella USA (5-7-8-15), with 9, 16 and 20 points respectively.

Apprentice fleet is led by Cedric Canas ESP (18-29-3-6) with 27 units and ranked 5th overall.

Great Grand Master competition is headed by Michael Nissen GER (3-19-9-19) with 31 points and 9th overall.

European Laser Master Championships – Day 2 – Radial results

British sailors continues to dominate Radial Masters competition, fulfilling provisional podium. Apprentice sailor Jon Emmett GBR (1-1-7-4) is absolute leader with 6 points, closely followed by Master sailor Ian Jones GBR (4-2-1-14) and Grand Master Steve Cockerill GBR (3-5-3-21), with 7 and 11 units respectively.

Fourth to sixth overall are Italian Alessio Marinelli ITA (19 pt – 2nd Master), French Gilles Coadou FRA (20 pt – 2nd Grand Master) and Spanish Monica Azon ESP (20 pt – Women 1st).

Michael Pridham GBR (62 pt – 17th overall) and Peter Seidenberg USA (80 pt – 28th overall) are provisional Great Grand Master and Legend leaders.

Full results here.

European Laser Master Championships – Photo gallery

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo: Thom Touw.

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