Vilamoura Sanitary rules

European Olympic Qualification in Vilamoura – Sanitary rules

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The pandemic situation seems to be improving in Portugal and the local government confirmed the European Olympic Qualification will be realized in Vilamoura, following some sanitary restrictions.

Please check the organizer’s message below;

Dear Sailors, Coaches, and Team Managers,

Following the steps taken by the Portuguese Government since January, the COVID 19 pandemic in Portugal is slowing down very fast, being Portugal now among the lowest infected rate countries in Europe.

In the region of Loulé, where Vilamoura is, the number of daily positive cases is in average below 4 persons, and the region is now Low-risk level.

Only specific Hospitals in the Region of Loulé are attending Covid19 cases, all other hospitals are working as Non- Covid19, and the services are fully active.

Vilamoura Sailing as set an agreement with the Hospital of Loulé (private) and a fast track has been created to all Vilamoura Sailing athletes, coaches and team managers using the “VilamouraSailing2021” code.

We have now in Vilamoura Sailing Center over 350 Sailors from 32 Nations sailing with us and preparing for the upcoming International events.

As per the Government Decree 6/2021 of 3rd April 2021, high-performance outdoor sports practice (sailing included) and high-performance sport events (without spectators) are allowed.

Of course, all the activities SHALL comply with the strictest public health requirements and respect for everyone involved.
Steps have been taken to ensure everyone’s safety. So, we kindly ask you to follow these steps:

  • The use of facial masks indoors is mandatory in the Vilamoura Sailing facilities.
  • Keep social distancing of a minimum of 2 meters.
  • Briefings will be done via digital platforms.
  • A Digital Notice Board will be available, where all the event information will be uploaded, results, jury, timetables, etc.
  • We will create WhatsApp groups with all coaches to facilitate speedy information.


All sailors, coaches and supporters traveling to Vilamoura/ Portugal SHALL carry a letter of their Sailing Federations, stating that the sailors/ coaches are high-performance athletes/professionals and will be participating in International Sailing events in Portugal.

  1. All persons travelling by air or road shall carry a negative PCR-Test up to 72 hours before their arrival to Portuguese border.
  2. For the persons arriving to Portugal, by land or air, with their trips originated in the countries identified in resolution 3358/2021 of 28th march (below list), will have to comply with a Mandatory Quarantine on arrival for the period of 14 days, due to their Pandemic situation (and complying with recommendation of European Union 2020/912). Exemptions:

a)  Deliberated on the 9th of April 2021, by the Governmental Ministry Council, Dispatch no 3679- A/2021, the Quarantine will not apply to persons that are competing or participating in International 
Sailing Events in Vilamoura,
b)  All persons arriving to Portugal to participate in such events SHALL carry declarations from their MNAs, and invitation letters from the Organizing Authorities.
Those countries are:

      • Bulgária
      • Czech Republic
      • Cyprus
      • Slovenia
      • Estonia
      • France
      • Hungary
      • Italy
      • Malta
      • Poland
      • Sweden
      • United Kigndom
      • Brazil
      • South Africa

For all sailors, coaches and support staff, that originated their trip to Portugal, from the above listed Countries, that comply with point 2 a) and 2 b) in this document, quarantine will not apply on arrival to Portugal.

We urge them to contact us via email for further clarification:

Complying with all the Government regulations, we will maintain Vilamoura Sailing Center open. We will “sail” our International events:

  • Finn European Championship
  • ILCA Olympic Qualifier
  • 470 European Championship

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website:

Vilamoura, April 10th, 2021

Nuno Reis
Vilamoura Sailing

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo Archive: Thom Touw Photography

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