2022 EurILCA Europa Cup MNE

Final results in Tivat – 2022 EurILCA Europa Cup MNE

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Report by Bojana – Yacht Club Delfin, Tivat, Montenegro.

After two regattas of the ILCA 7 fleet and one each in the ILCA 6 and ILCA 4 classes, the third international sailing competition in Montenegro, the Europa Cup, organized by JK Delfin and EurILCA, the European Federation for Olympic sailing, was officially closed in Tivat with the awarding of prizes for the best sailors. ILCA class. In the water area of the Tivat Bay, 60 competitors from six European countries competed for four days, in three classes – ILCA 7, ILCA 6 and ILCA 4.

Montenegrin sailors managed to win two places on the podium. Ilja Marković won third place in class ILCA 7, and Nikola Golubović third in class ILCA 6. MIlivoj Dukić, with the same number of points as Marković, is in fourth place.

Oskar Madonich, a sailor from Ukraine, won the ILCA 7 class overall, as well as the trophy for the best under-21. The second on the podium is the representative of Greece, Dimitris Papadimirtiou. Antun Tomašević from Croatia is the best in the competition of ILCA 7 to 19 years.

Along with Nikola Golubović from Montenegro, who won the bronze medal, on the winner’s podium in class ILCA 6 in the sailing competition, the first is Tedi Leornadelli from Croatia, the second is Ukrainian Semen Khashchyna. Leornadelli is also the best in the under-17 and under-19 competitions.

Sofiia Naumenko, Ukraine, is the winner in the ILCA 6 class in the women’s sailing competition. The second is Petra Mastelić, the best in the under-21 competition, and the third is Dorotea Spišić, both from Croatia. Dorotea is also the winner in the under-19 competition.

Nadja Mihajlov from Serbia is the winner in class ILCA 4 in the girls’ competition. Nika Fornazar is second and first in the under-16 competition, and Lea Rakovac is third, both from Croatia. Sailors from Ukraine dominated the men’s competition in class ILCA 4, Bohdan Rukhlin is first, Ivan Antipin second and Semen Sokol third.

Prizes were awarded to the best sailors by Predrag Vukčević, president of Montenegrin sailing association, Frano Tripović, president of JK Delfin, Richard Godbois, partner of the Montenegrin sailing team and Zlatko Jakelić, vice-president of EurILCA.
Montenegro was represented by a total of 14 sailors from the JK Delfin, JK Lahor and JK Jugole Grakalić clubs, nine in class ILCA 4, three in ILCA 6 and two in ILCA 7. The competition was organized with the institutional support of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, the Ministry of sport and youth of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Sailing Association.

The municipality of Tivat is the main partner of JK Dolphin in the organization of the competition, and in the development of sailing in our country. The most important bearers of the entire sport, in addition to the persistent work of sailors, coaches and judges, are volunteers who are important members of the large sailing community from all clubs who carry out all the tasks in the organization on a wave of enthusiasm, both at sea and on the coast.

In accordance with the policy on sustainability and the organization of “clean regattas”, JK Delfin, in cooperation with the Creative Center Tivat, JKP Komunalno Tivat and the company Coca Cola HBC Montenegro, organized the collection of plastic bottles for recycling and participation in the action “Cap for Handicap”, and through various activities continued continuous activities on the development of awareness and habits in the preservation of the living environment.

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Published by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos by Dusko Miljanic.

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