Final results 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup POR

Final results in Portimao – 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup POR

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The 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup Trophy kicked off this weekend in Portimão, Portugal, with the 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup POR. The event was organised by Clube Naval de Portimão.

The first and third days featured light wind conditions, in stark contrast to the strong 16 knots and 2-meter waves experienced on the second day of trials. These varying conditions provided an opportunity for all 150 sailors to showcase their skills in diverse sailing situations.

After 8 races for all three fleets, the following were the overall winners;

ILCA 4 Women

  1. Tatiana Belunkova CZE (11th overall)
  2. Maria Soeiro POR (13th overall)
  3. Carlijn Kam POR (15th overall)

ILCA 4 Men

  1. Jiri Tomes CZE (1st overall)
  2. Alberto Castrillon ESP (2nd overall)
  3. Jannis Tomasz POR (3rd overall)

ILCA 6 Women

  1. Sofiia Naumenko UKR (4th overall)
  2. Yelyzaveta Vynohradova UKR (1oth overall)
  3. Luisa Peres POR (12th overall)

ILCA 6 Men

  1. Levian Buscher GER (1st overall)
  2. Franz Lasch GER (2nd overall)
  3. Victor Hensel GER (3rd overall)


  1. Lourenço Mateus POR
  2. Joao Pontes POR
  3. Valeriy Kudryashov UKR

Full results here.

Photo galleries here.

Coming next – 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup ESP

The upcoming stage of the 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup Trophy is set to be the 2024 EurILCA Europa Cup ESP in Port de Pollença, Spain. Scheduled from March 7-10, 2024, at RCNPP, this event will precede the 2024 ILCA Under 21 European Championships by a weekend. Applications are currently open for both events.

The EurILCA Team

Report by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos via Clube Naval de Portimão.

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