2023 ILCA Master Europeans day 4 results

Race Day 4 report – 2023 ILCA Master Europeans

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The fourth day of competition at the 2023 ILCA Master European Championships in Douarnenez, France, came to a close today, featuring the addition of 2 new races to the overall scores. This brings the total number of races to 8, just before the last day of competition.

The afternoon got off to a delayed start, with a 2-hour postponement on shore due to a lack of wind. The first warning signals finally sounded around 16:15, and sailors returned to shore at approximately 18:30.

Today’s conditions were characterized by light to medium winds. Similar to the past two days, the initial set of races took place under very light breezes, gradually increasing as the races progressed.

ILCA 6 Apprentice Master


  1. Antonios Kondis GRE 34 pt
  2. Xavi Tous ESP 51 pt
  3. Antonio Macina ITA 81 pt


  1. Gabrielle Nagy FRA 120 pt
  2. Corinne Antoine FRA 132 pt
  3. Alice Grassi ITA 145 pt
ILCA 6 Master


  1. Jon Emmett GBR 13 pt
  2. Anders Mattsson SWE 21 pt
  3. Jean-Christophe Leydet FRA 29 pt


  1. Alexandra Behrens GER 135 pt
  2. Dirma Eisenga NED 168 pt
  3. Isabelle Auffret FRA 184 pt
ILCA 6 Grand Master


  1. Carlos Martinez ESP 7 pt
  2. Steve Cockerill GBR 20 pt
  3. Luigi Santocanale ITA 46 pt


  1. Helene Viazzo FRA 69 pt
  2. Isabelle Viazzo FRA 169 pt
  3. Silvia Ravetllat ESP 187 pt
ILCA 6 Great Grand Master


  1. Max Hunt GBR 32 pt
  2. Miguel Noguer ESP 40 pt
  3. Terry Scutcher GBR 40 pt


  1. Vanessa Dudley AUS 33 pt
  2. Isabelle Arnoux FRA 104 pt
  3. Heleen Wolters NED 219 pt
ILCA 6 Legend
  1. Jacques Kerrest USA 89 pt
  2. Jacky Nebrel FRA 112 pt
  3. Jacques Perret SUI 115 pt

ILCA 7 Apprentice Master
  1. Wannes Van Laer BEL 8 pt
  2. Lorenzo Cerretelli ITA 23 pt
  3. Eduardo Sokolnik BRA 78 pt
ILCA 7 Master
  1. Xavier Leclair FRA 34 pt
  2. Orlando Gledhill GBR 47 pt
  3. Peter Hurley USA 56 pt
ILCA 7 Grand Master
  1. Christoph Marsano AUT 23 pt
  2. Bertrand Blanchet FRA 33 pt
  3. Allan Clark CAN 42 pt
ILCA 7 Great Grand Master
  1. Jose Luis Doreste ESP 15 pt
  2. Tim Law GBR 16 pt
  3. Peter Vesella USA 21 pt

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A total of 270 Master sailors hailing from 21 nations around the globe came together to participate in this competition.

ILCA 6 is the largest fleet with 140 sailors vying for the prestigious European titles in 9 categories:

  • Apprentice Master Women European Champion
  • Apprentice Master Men European Champion
  • Master Women European Champion
  • Master Men European Champion
  • Grand Master Women European Champion
  • Grand Master Men European Champion
  • Great Grand Master Women European Champion
  • Great Grand Master Men European Champion
  • Legend European Champion

ILCA 7 is only for Men and counts with 130 sailors on water pursuing the following 4 titles:

  • Apprentice Master European Champion
  • Master European Champion
  • Grand Master European Champion
  • Great Grand Master European Champion

Racing will goes from September 11th to 15th, with 2 races scheduled per day.

Reigning 2022 Master European champions such as Isabelle Arnoux FRA, Helene Viazzo FRA and Jean-Christophe Leydet FRA in ILCA 6, or Jose Luis Doreste ESP and Peter Hurley USA in ILCA 7 are here in France defending their titles.

Previous Master European champions such as Jacques Kerrest USA, Jaap Mazereeuw NED, Poopy Marçon FRA, Jean Philippe Galle FRA, Pierrick Amizet FRA, Jon Emmett GBR, Mike Kinnear GBR, Ian Jones GBR, Jacky Nebrel FRA, Steve Cockerill GBR, Terry Scutcher GBR, Carlos Martinez ESP or Ian Gregory GBR in ILCA 6; and Allan Clark CAN or Alan Davis GBR in ILCA 7 are also some of strong contenders to fight for new medals in Douarnenez.

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The 2023 ILCA Master European Championships are organized by EurILCA in conjunction with Société des Régates de Douarnenez.

The event is kindly supported by the town of Douarnenez, the Finistère department council and the Brittany region; and sponsored by PC Clean, Accastillage Diffusion Douarnenez, Uship – Marine Service Douarnenez, Triskell Auto, Les Délices Bigoudens, Henriot and E.Leclerc Douarnenez.

Let´s go sailing!

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The EurILCA Team

Report by Agustín Argüelles | Photos by Thom Touw.

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