radial youth day 2 results

Radial Youth Europeans 2017 – Day 2 results

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Second day of races in Gdynia, Poland, where the Laser Radial Youth European Championships & Trophy 2017 are being held. Two new races were added to first one played yesterday, now having 3 in total without any discards.

Laser Radial Youth European Championship 2017 – Day 2 – Boys results

Boys fleet is now led by Italian sailor Guido Gallinaro ITA (3-4-1) with 8 points, followed 2 and 4 points behind by Daniil Krutskikh RUS (2-6-2) and Ewan McMahon IRL (7-4-1). Fourth and fifth places for Marcelo Cairo ESP (5-3-5) and Jimmy Marchand FRA (1-4-11) respectively.

You can check Boys full results here.

Laser Radial Youth European Championship 2017 – Day 2 – Girls results

Girls competition is headed now by local sailor Wiktoria Golebiowska POL (3-2-1) with 6 points, followed by Elisa Navoni ITA (10-3-2) and Mariia Kislukhina RUS (5-4-9) with 15 and 18 units respectively. Fourth and fifth places for Lin Pletikos SLO (4-7-11) and Daisy Collingridge GBR (8-8-8) with 22 and 24.

You can check Girls full results here.

More races to follow so stay tune!

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photo: Robert Hajduk – Shuttersail – Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days.


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