2020 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans officially opened

2020 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans officially opened in Vilamoura

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Wonderful second day of action in Vilamoura, Portugal, where the 2020 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans are being held.

Sailors continued registering and measuring their boats along the day.

A nice wind and sunshine enlightened the practice race, followed by a fantastic Floating Parade –replacing the traditional Walking Parade due to the sanitary regulations– with all of teams and countries coming back to shore together and proudly showing their respective nation’s flags to the public.

Everything is ready now to start with the competition tomorrow and until August 21st.

Forecast announces 10-16 knots for the first races tomorrow! You can check the fleet’s assignment on the Online Notice Board. We’re eager to see you sailing!

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By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Cover photo: Thom Touw.

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