4.7 Youth Europeans Race day 5

2020 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans – Race day 5

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Two new races were added to scores today at the 2020 Laser 4.7 Youth European Championships in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Races started at 14:00 as per scheduled with 8-12 knots from West, then slowly increasing but stable until the end of the day.

After 10 races, the following are the provisional results. We’re only one day away of knowing who will be our new 2020 Laser 4.7 Youth European champions!

Day 5 results – Boys – Gold fleet

What a great sample of strength has shown Marcos Altarriba ESP today (1-1-1-2-25-2-28-DSQ55-2-1). After loosing the leadership yesterday for the first time due to a bad race and a penalty, he went out today to recover his best shape on water and, through a remarkable 2-1, immediately climb again to the top and lead the overall fleet with 63 points.

Bad day for overnight leader Przemyslaw Machowski POL (4-1-3-1-15-4-23-2-21-15) although holding the second place with 66 and only 3 points away of the Gold position.

Fight for the medals will be really tight, with ascendant Anastasios Gkaripis GRE (3-7-11-11-9-2-10-11-3-12) now on third place showing the best consistent performance with 67 units and a 12 discard.

Domenico Lamante ITA is leading now the U16 championship with 80 points and ranked 4th overall, closely followed by Hidde Schraffordt NED -82 pt- on 6th. Third U16 place for Massimiliano Antoniazzi ITA with 99 points and holding the 8th position on ranking.

Jason Kefallonitis GRE -81 pt- and Martins Atilla LAT -84 pt- are also among top sailors on places 5th and 7th respectively.

William Risselin POR is best ranked sailor among the local fleet on place 13th.

Day 5 results – Girls – Gold fleet

Tuning with the boys, the Girl’s championships has also changed their top positions and for the first time on the event our defending champion Alessia Palanti CZE (1-1-9-4-8-1-38-5-21-30) is not the leader any more, dropping to the 4th place with 80 points. Our recent 2019 Laser Europa Cup champion Anja Von Allmen SUI (10-9-24-1-4-2-4-2-4-1) seems to be finding her better condition here in Vilamoura after an unstable start and climbed from third to first this afternoon with 37 points, achieving a valuable 19 points gap over 2nd Lily May Niezabitowska POL (4-2-27-2-7-6-5-4-17-9). Third place overall for Carlotta Rizzardi ITA with 61.

Beatrice Ini ITA and Leonor Dutra POR are 5th and 6th overall, draw in 84 points.

Petra Marendic CRO continues to lead the U16 fleet with 106 points and ranked 8th overall, followed by Swiss Viktoria Jedlinska SUI on 10th with 131 units.

Check today’s interviews with Hidde Schraffordt NED, Domenico Lamante ITA, Anja Von Allmen SUI and Gemma Vallespir ESP before the races.

Last races coming tomorrow so stay tuned! Forecast announces 8-12 knots from WSW. Please check the Online Notice Board here.

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By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Cover photo: Thom Touw Photography.

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