day 3 girls results

4.7 Youth Europeans – Day 3 – Girls results

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After a whole day waiting for the wind, finally sailors were driven home excepting girl’s Blue fleet that waited on shore for a miracle to come… and it happened! Wind started blowing around 16:45 and the 52 sailors missing 4th race from second day could launch their boats and head course for sailing at the 2018 Laser 4.7 Youth European Championships in Patras, Greece.

2018 Laser 4.7 Youth Europeans – Day 3 – Girls results

Italian sailor Giorgia Cingolani ITA (8-2-1-1) was eagerly waiting for this 4th race to be completed by the Blue fleet. She was on the Yellow fleet on second day and scored two bullets that moved her to the first place overall after discarding an 8th.

Croatian girl Mare Milic CRO (1-1-4-2) was also on Yellow’s fleet and waiting for the results to be completed. She’s second overall now but draw in points with Giorgia, and with a better discard.

Just one point behind them are now Eline Verstraelen BEL (1-3-5-1), the winner of this 3rd day’s single race, and Ursula Balas CRO (3-1-1-8), who’s discarding this last race on Blue fleet.

5th and 6th overall are British sailors and U16 leaders Abby Childerley GBR (4-8-3-3) and Flo Nicholls GBR (10-3-2-23) with 10 and 15 points respectively.


Two new races are coming today for all 312 sailors participating of this wonderful championship in Greece so stay tune!

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Full results here.

By Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Photos: Thom Touw Photography.

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