2022 EurILCA 4 Youth Europeans in Poland

Last 2 weeks to enter the 2022 EurILCA 4 Youth Europeans in Poland

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Dear sailors and Districts,

The 2022 EurILCA 4 Youth European Championships & Open European Trophy are coming in June 18-25 at Marina Dziwnów, in Poland.

99 girls and 150 boys have already signed up for this event. Don’t miss the party and apply now here: https://eurilca.eu/event/241

The entries will close in May 17th.

All the event information and the application form you can find it at the event website: https://2022-ilca4youth.eurilca-europeans.org/

Some days before we’re also organizing the 2022 EurILCA Europa Cup POL in Dziwnów, from June 14-16, for all three rigs: ILCA 4, ILCA 6 and ILCA 7. So it would be a perfect chance for you to train and test the home waters while waiting for the Europeans to start. All information about the 2022 Europa Cup POL you can find it here: https://eurilca.eu/event/262

The EurILCA Team

Cover photo: © Thom Touw – EurILCA.

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