2018 radial youth europeans day 5

2018 Radial Youth Europeans – Day 5

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Three new races were added to scores on fifth day of the 2018 Laser Radial Youth European Championships at Balatonfoldvar, Hungary.

For almost eight hours sailors could enjoy of Lake Balaton’s beauty: wind, waves and sunshine all day long. With a Western wind in the morning, races started exactly at 10 am as planned.

As the championship is coming to an end, sailors are trying to start as best as possible and taking more risks. 20 starts were required instead of 9 because of the early starts and BFD. Every race started with black flag. This might have made the sailors more disciplined, but there were still many irregularities.

There have been a lot of changes in the results, with Italian sailors Matilda Talluri ITA jumping from fourth to first overall among girls, and Guido Gallinaro ITA keeping boy’s fleet leadership.

The top results after 8 races are the following:


  1. Matilda Talluri – Italy
  2. Federica Cattarozzi – Italy
  3. Valeriya Lomatchenko – Russia

Women U17

  1. Marcelina Korszon – Poland
  2. Shai Kakon – Israel
  3. Elizaveta Borovkova – Russia


  1. Guido Gallinaro – Italy
  2. Marcelo Cairo Assenza – Spain
  3. Campbell Patton – Bermuda
  4. (3rd European) Kirill Tereshkin – Russia

Men U17

  1. Michal Krasodomski – Poland
  2. Thomas Westerhof – Netherlands
  3. Nikita Melnikov – Russia

Organizers are planning to have three races on the last day, that way the competition would consist of 11 races. The weather forecast does not look really good at the moment, but the races should start at 10 am and can be started until 3 pm.

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Full results here.

Report by Agustín Argüelles – EurILCA | Source: 2018 Radial Youth’s press release | Photo: Gabor Cserta / Spartacus VSE.

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