Final results in Calella 2023 EurILCA Master ESP

Final results in Calella – 2023 EurILCA Master ESP

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The 2023 EurILCA Master ESP concluded this weekend at Club Vela Calella in Spain, after 3 days of competition and 9 races held.

The decisive day took place with an excellent NE wind of between 9 and 12 knots, which has allowed the entire regatta program to be completed.

ILCA 7 results – 2023 EurILCA Master ESP

The Italian Lorenzo Cerretelli has been unstoppable in today’s hard day and has maintained the lead since the start of the regatta. With his sets today (2-4-5) he has closed the table with 22 points and has left no option to his most direct rivals. The French Xavier Leclair, who had the best chance of beating the Italian, finally he finished second overall with 39 points.

In third position was Leandro Rosado with 45 points, beating José Luis Doreste who finished fourth, five points behind Rosado.

Carlos Echávarri from Santander completed the top 5 with 57 points, only one point behind was the British Tim Law.

38 ILCA 7 Master sailors participated of this competition.

ILCA 7 Apprentice Master podium

  1. Lorenzo Cerretelli ITA
  2. Mario Morillo Pascual ESP
  3. Conor Byrne IRL

ILCA 7 Master podium

  1. Xavier Leclair FRA
  2. Leandro Rosado ESP
  3. Carlos Echavarri ESP

ILCA 7 Grand Master podium

  1. Alan Davis GBR
  2. Alfredo Vazquez ESP
  3. Michel Majon BEL

ILCA 7 Great Grand Master podium

  1. Jose Luis Doreste ESP
  2. Tim Law GBR
  3. Michael Hicks GBR

ILCA 7 Full results

ilca 7 calella

ILCA 6 results – 2023 EurILCA Master ESP

We must highlight the women´s dominance in the ILCA 6 class. The duel Mónica Azón versus Miriam Carles-Tolrà has decided in favor of Monica Azón, completing the 9 tests with 36 points. Miriam has been a tough opponent, who has led the trophy for two days, and where she has shown her competitiveness at all times.

The third on the podium was the Valencian Luis Eduardo Fernández, who finished the competition with 57 points.

In fourth position was the Irish Sean Craig, with 66 points, closing the top 5 with the Dutch Jack De Rijk with 89 points.

77 ILCA 6 sailors were part of this fleet.

ILCA 6 Apprentice Master podium

  1. Miriam Carles Tolra ESP
  2. Luis Fernandez ESP
  3. Antonio Macina ITA

ILCA 6 Master podium

  1. Monica Azon ESP
  2. David Mateu ESP
  3. Oriol Martí ESP

ILCA 6 Grand Master podium

  1. Sean Craig IRL
  2. Jack De Rijk NED
  3. Hector David ARG

ILCA 6 Great Grand Master podium

  1. Miguel Noguer ESP
  2. Davide Grassi ITA
  3. Carlos Jané ESP

ILCA 6 Legend podium

  1. Jacques Perret SUI
  2. Miquel Alvarez ESP
  3. Ian Rawet GBR

ILCA 6 Full results

ILCA 6 Calella

Report by Agustín Arguelles – EurILCA | Source: Club Vela Calella | Photos: Oscar Torrades

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