Race day 5 results 2023 ILCA Under 21 Europeans

Race day 5 – Long waiting was finally rewarded

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It was a long day on water today for all 228 competitors during the fifth day of races of the 2023 ILCA Under 21 European Championships & Open European Trophy in Stavanger, Norway.

Unpredictable conditions led the Race Committee to hoist the AP flag during the initial starting procedures, which were originally scheduled for 12:00. This, along with several general recalls, resulted in a delay in commencing the day’s activities on the water.

Following these unsuccessful attempts, the wind subsided to a complete calm for a significant duration. It wasn’t until around 15:00 that a pleasant breeze finally swept across the racing area, allowing for proper sailing conditions.

With a wind speed of 8-15 knots, two new races were subsequently held. Based on these latest outcomes, the following are the updated rankings.

Tomorrow the last day will come to decide our new 2023 ILCA Under 21 European champions so stay tuned!

You’ll have the opportunity to track the progress of both the Gold ILCA 7 and ILCA 6 championships through online GPS tracking here: https://www.metasail.it/incoming/448/

Top 5 European sailors – ILCA 6 – Under 21
  1. Emma Mattivi ITA 29 pt
  2. Maria Vitoria Arseni ITA 50 pt
  3. Sara Savelli ITA 51 pt
  4. Roos Wind NED 53 pt
  5. Carlota Rizzardi ITA 54 pt

Full results – ILCA 6

Top 5 European sailors – ILCA 7 – Under 21
  1. Theodor Middelthon NOR 41 pt
  2. Attilio Borio ITA 43 pt
  3. Kai Wolgram GBR 47 pt
  4. Finley Dickinson GBR 49 pt
  5. Enrico Tanferna ITA 50 pt
Top 3 European sailors – ILCA 7 – Under 19
  1. Erik Norlén SWE 77 pt
  2. Filip Olswewski POL 99 pt
  3. Massimiliano Antoniazzi ITA 151 pt

Full results – ILCA 7

A total of 228 youth sailors hailing from 36 different nations around the globe are coming together to participate in this competition.

ILCA 7 is the largest fleet with 153 sailors, racing in two groups; Yellow and Blue during the Qualifying series, and Gold and Silver in the Finals.

ILCA 6 Women’s fleet is composed by 75 sailors racing all together in a single group with no color identification during the whole championship.

Apart from the Under 21 Women’s and Under 21 Men’s competitions, the ILCA 7 Under 19 title is also up for grabs at this event in Stavanger.

Racing will goes from August 8th to 13th, with 2 races scheduled per day.

How to follow the 2023 ILCA Under 21 Europeans in Stavanger

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We are streaming some of the action and races live in our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eurilca/ and YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/eurilcachannel – We suggest you to subscribe and follow us in order to receive instant notifications when we’re live!

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A daily report with news and results, photos and videos is being published at eurilca.org and the event website; https://2023-under21.eurilca-europeans.org/

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We have created a Telegram channel that you can join to receive instant communications about the event: https://t.me/IU21EU23

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GPS tracking

For the Final Series racing, the ILCA 7 Gold fleets will be provided with GPS trackers for you to follow their races live in the following link: https://www.metasail.it/incoming/448/ All 75 ILCA 6 girls will be also provided with trackers within those days for you to follow them live.


Much more contents are being spread through our Instagram account mentioned before, plus the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eurilca so follow us also there.

Race documents

For further information about the event you can download the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and other documents here: https://eurilca.eu/event/276/documents

Event website

All the information and links to the different contents mentioned before you can also find them at the official event website: https://2023-under21.eurilca-europeans.org/

The 2023 ILCA Under 21 European Championships & Open European Trophy are organized by EurILCA in conjunction with Stavanger Seilforening.

The event is kindly sponsored by Rogaland Idrettskrets, Buøybakeren, REMA, IVAR, Lerøy, Repsol, Servit Catering, Kanelsnurren and Stavanger Kommune.

Let’s go sailing!
The EurILCA Team

Report by Agustín Argüelles | Photos by Thom Touw.

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